The Surface Pro 2 is a great Windows 8 system, but it has been plagued with some problems for users. Apparently WiFi connectivity is slowing down when Bluetooth is enabled; But now, a Microsoft representative said that these issues are being investigated and will be fixed in the near future.

In the past, we’ve reported numerous other bugs and glitches that plagued Surface Pro 2 users, such as issues with time not updating or the fact that Microsoft has been shipping models with the wrong processor inside lately. But we’ve also talked about good things, like the recent firmware update the Windows 8.1 tablet received to increase its battery. Now we are talking about some annoying WiFi issues that have been reported by Surface Pro 2 owners who had Bluetooth turned on.

This issue has been plaguing users for quite some time, and complaints have been posted on Microsoft’s community forums since the beginning of this year. After much discussion, it was only recently that a Microsoft support engineer contacted the affected users and said that there will be a solution soon. This is what people have been complaining about:

I have a logitech bluetooth wireless audio receiver that used to work very well with my viao laptop, but when I use it on my new surface the wifi connection is really slow (it seems to me that it does not transmit or receive anything)! I’m very happy with my new Surface Pro 2, but since I have all my music on my Surface, it seems like a very annoying problem. I hope I get ready soon! It would also be nice to receive feedback on whether this topic is being investigated!

Someone seems to be having this problem since the fall of last year:

I recently bought a 256G Surface Pro 2 and a docking station. I noticed that the WIFI was very poor, it was only able to download at about 3 MBs (megabytes per second) on my internal LAN. My laptop gets at least 3 times that speed at the same distance from my wireless router (about 6 feet). After doing a bit of searching, I noticed other people are complaining about similar issues. I found that if I turned off Bluetooth, the WIFI speed almost tripled. I have tried modifying the power settings for the WIFI, the Bluetooth adapter and the USB, installing the latest drivers and patches. The Bluetooth devices I have are the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition and the Surface Wireless Adapter for Type Covers. I can confirm that I am running the latest .150 drivers. This bothers me a lot. I spend more to get a Bluetooth LE mouse just to cripple the WIFI speed when I use it.

Looking at the official page with the Surface Pro 2 update history , we can see that in March 2014 some fixes have been released that could solve these problems, or at least some of them. These include wireless network connectivity fixes for wireless network drivers, but Bluetooth updates are missing. We will monitor the page and inform you if and when the necessary repair occurs.

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