There is good news and bad news for Kodi users. The good news is that Kodi received a new update that brings the software to version 17.1. The bad news is that many technical difficulties were reported, including problems with the actual installation of the update.

A problem has been found.

Many voiced their concerns and in the end, Kodi addressed the issue via a tweet from its official Twitter account to let everyone know that the company is aware of the situation and to assure everyone that a solution is on the way.

Unfortunately for Kodi users, the problem is not in the hands of the developer but in the hands of Microsoft. Microsoft is now expected to release a fix for this issue as soon as possible.

Microsoft partnership paves the way for Xbox

In the wake of this downside, many Kodi users are beginning to question the company’s new partnership with Microsoft and how it will ultimately play out. The two companies work well together and the future is promising after Kodi recently made a commitment to Microsoft’s platform, paving the way for an Xbox appearance.

This is because Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform seeks to unite all the services on its Windows and Xbox platforms by incorporating all aspects of the two platforms, such as applications, games, media, and everything in between. This means a good chance for Kodi to establish a presence on both of them.

Those who have not had a chance to try out the new 17.1 update are advised to hope to do so for the time being.


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