• Slack for Windows 10 has a sandbox security update that makes it safer to use on the web.
  • The latest version also brings a couple of bug fixes.
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Slack for Windows 10 has a security update that makes it safer to use on the web. The SaaS business communication platform also offers a couple of bug fixes to its 12+ million daily users.

The new Slack update for Windows 10 sandbox

One of the highlights of Slack version 4.6.0 is the ability to protect all web content with the application sandbox.

Today, many applications, including operating systems, use sandboxing to create an environment in which only certain code can run. Windows 10 Sandbox is a perfect example.

The creators of Slack said that the cloud-based platform was already secure before the latest security update. But the added feature makes it safer to use.

Additionally, the updated Slack app allows users to assign a unique directory to store each download. The enhancement is ideal for those who prefer not to indiscriminately group all downloaded content in one location.

  • The application sandbox is now enabled for all web content. This is a fancy way of saying we’ve improved app security. Before it was not unsafe, but now it is doubly safe.
  • A preference that allows you to choose a single save location per download, rather than choosing one folder for all of them. For selective types.

Loose bug fixes

Slack 4.6.0 comes with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Workspace supports better organization of Action Center notifications.
  • The update removes an issue that affects the process of adding a workspace for the first time through a browser.
  • If you installed the application from the MSL files, the Start at login option will show an incorrect value. This update fixes the problem.
  • Troubleshoot a hardware media key issue. The problem affected Spotify users when they tried to play a song by pressing the play key on the keyboard.
  • Better CPU performance when accessing specific network error pages.
  • Slack now displays an in-app message upon completion of any download.

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