We continued our anniversary update bug report by adding a new topic to the list: the dreaded ‘Something Wrong’ message. Quite a significant number of users are reporting that they cannot install the latest version of Windows 10 due to this error message.

Users encounter this error message when using the Windows 10 Update Tool. Even if they launch the update process multiple times, they get the same error every time they try again. The update stops at a certain percentage and displays the error message “Something went wrong.”

“Something went wrong” error blocks the installation of the anniversary update

I have Windows 10 version 1511 (OS Build 10586.494) installed successfully on my PC. I want to update to the latest version 1607 (14393.10) using the Windows 10 Update Assistant. It gives the following error after the update reaches 2% completion. “Something went wrong. You can contact Microsoft technical support for help with this error. Here is the error code 0x80070570. »

I have tested the update process 5 times with the same result at 2% update.

According to Microsoft, this mistake it is due to corrupted Windows update components. If there are damaged files, the Update Wizard should be able to detect and repair them. Judging from the user experience, the only solution to upgrade is to use the Media Authoring File.

Many users are disappointed with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Assistant due to the plethora of errors they encounter when updating. Often times the update tool gets stuck or causes infinite reboot loops.

All these failed installations only force users to search for solutions, making the experience of the anniversary update a maddening process.

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