Accessibility is really important to Microsoft and the company’s efforts to make technology more accessible to its users, regardless of their capabilities, have finally been recognized. On April 8, Microsoft together with Facebook and activist Haben Girma received the Hellen Keller Award from AFB. AFB stands for The American Foundation For The Blind. The award recognizes exceptional individuals and organizations whose efforts expand possibilities for the visually impaired or blind.

Work is underway on an Xbox controller for greater accessibility.

UPDATE : Microsoft officially introduced the new Xbox Adaptive Controller and released a video on YouTube to introduce the new tool. You can read the initial news report below.

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Now Microsoft is showing the world even more efforts to improve accessibility, and the company does so by offering games and more Microsoft services to people with diverse accessibility needs.

The famous leaker WalkingCat found some promotional images for an unannounced Xbox controller and got He says This device is also designed with accessibility needs in mind. It will likely be revealed sometime around E3 2018, according to the latest rumors.

There are not too many details available on how exactly the controller would work. But judging from the image posted by WalkingCat on Twitter, it looks like it will have all the functions of the Xbox controller, and it would also help users who favor touch over sight to program various buttons. There are also two large buttons A and B that will probably be programmable as well. There are also three light LEDs that can be displayed when different programmed modes are activated. It also appears to have a USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack on the left side.

User Comments

User opinions vary after viewing the leaked photo. ” It seems like an accessibility controller to me. Allow different buttons, switches and sticks to be connected on the back Someone said.

I’m betting on an accessible controller, but how many switches are you going to connect to that? It is necessary to improve access without further complexity. Wiring that thing seems like a nightmare ”Assumes another Twitter user.

If the switches themselves were designed as USB devices and could be daisy-chained, then a box like this would not be necessary. #AssistiveTech « someone else guessed.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer and see what exactly Microsoft is cooking up these days with this driver.


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